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Nourishing Needs

Nourishing Needs distributes food, clothes and personal hygiene items to those who are currently homeless at local shelters in the DFW area. 


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Valuable Visits

Valuable Visits are trips to local nursing homes or orphanages where we will create activities to interact with them. Our goal is to show the same love and care as Jesus showed. 


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Tasteful Teachings

Tasteful Teachings is a culinary class open to our community where you can learn how to cook delicious food that will promote a healthier and longer life. The food you will learn to make are based on the principles found in the Bible. 


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Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts is a health fair where there will be specialized professionals in different medical fields that will be at your service for consultations, exams and answer general questions you might have all free of charge.


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Breaking Bread 

Breaking Bread gathers non perishable foods and generously distributes them to those in our community that contact us and our church for assistance.


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Helping Hands

Helping Hands gives assistance to our community focusing on their needs. We encourage our community to submit their request and we try to fulfill them to the best of our abilities.


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Community Connect

Community Connect goals is to notify our community that Bridges Ministry is here to help anyone in need!

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Saving Souls

Saving Souls goal is to teach about the Bible to those who wish to know. The Bible holds the answers to many questions; Who was Jesus? How can I obtain Eternal Life? What happens when someone dies? Does ghost exists? What is sin? 

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Little Lights

Little Lights is a event where we will have activities and learning experiences for young children. 

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